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Brophy attends meet-and-greet in University Park

MONEE TWNSHP 10/20/2018 -

This past Saturday, Democratic candidate for Will County Treasurer Tim Brophy attended a meet-and-greet and GOTV event in University Park. In his remarks, Brophy challenged voters to look closely at the record of their public officials.

Brophy argued, “ should expect more from your elected leaders; more than two days a week... more than just cowtowing to big banks that put money in their campaign funds.“

Brophy has for months now explained that the current treasurer’s investment strategy is riddled with conflicts of interest. In his time as Will County Treasurer, Steve Weber has accepted over $10,500 from MB Financial Bank PAC and First Midwest Bank, Corp., making these two banks his two largest campaign contributors. These banks handle a large portion of the county’s investments and process a large portion of taxpayers’ county tax bills.

Taxpayers deserve a treasurer who values integrity and who knows how to eliminate conflicts of interest. Tim believes in a Will County Treasurer’s Office that operates free from influence from banks that manage county funds.

The general election is on November 6, 2018. If you have questions on registering to vote, visit the or contact


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