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Taxpayers have a right to know their tax dollars are wisely preserved.
Transparency in government is rightly expected.

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Why re-elect Tim Brophy as Will County Treasurer?

The most valuable skills needed to be an effective Treasurer are knowledge of the real estate transaction, and banking experience. Much of our work involves the unraveling of mistakes that were made at the time of property transfers. Taxes sometimes go unpaid because the parcel was not property transferred from seller to buyer. Understanding the intricacies of these transactions is vital to solving property tax problems.

Investing and managing County reserves occupies much of the Treasurer’s time. Banking experience and relationships are important. Understanding economic movements, pressures, and inputs informs the decisions necessary to invest wisely.

Tim Brophy spent his career in banking and real estate lending. He owned and operated a mortgage company, and he holds an Illinois Managing Broker Real Estate license. This experience directly informs his work as Will County Treasurer.

Why Re-elect?


Tim was born and raised in Joliet, Illinois--one of five children to parents:  Robert E. Brophy, Jr. – Joliet Firefighter, and mother, Beverly A. Brophy, RN. Both taught the values of caring for the community around you and responsibility for giving back.He graduated from St. Raymond’s Cathedral school and Joliet Catholic High School. Tim has three children, Daniel (24), Taylar (23) & Braden (18). 


Brophy earned his B.A. from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois, completing double major coursework in Business Administration & Spanish.  He was a faculty-selected Outstanding Senior. He completed a Masters of Business Administration in 1992 from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Brophy began his professional career in local retail banking. In 1997 along with partners, he opened a residential mortgage and real estate office. He is a currently licensed Real Estate Managing Broker. Tim’s community service work includes four terms (1995-2011) as an elected Joliet City Councilman. He is a founding board member of the Joliet Area Historical Museum. Tim presently serves as:  Immediate Past President of Will County Habitat for Humanity; Executive Director of the Irish American Society of County Will; Board Chairman of the Joliet Arsenal Development Authority; and as newsletter editor of the Rotary Club of Joliet. 

Elected Will County Treasurer

2018 - present

lifetime will county resident

banking & real estate professional

1985 - present

Community Service Volunteer 
Rotary Club of Joliet; Habitat for Humanity; Joliet Arsenal Development Authority (JADA)

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